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How can I use feminist and queer board games to foster critical engagement with social justice activism?

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The Games Project has the unique goal of bringing feminist and queer theory to a variety of audiences using playable board games. In our play-based events, Carly Thomsen invites participants to explore the feminist and queer ideas translated in student-made board games. Gameplay is intended to foster discussion, and possibilities for these conversations are endless. Thomsen is committed to following the lead of participants. During discussion, participants can engage with content-based questions that emerge during gameplay and also use the games as stepping stones to discuss their broader social justice concerns. 


This format is conceptualized as a stand-alone event but is flexible in nature. Our inventory of student-made board games includes options that speak to the interests of various audiences. 

For whom? 

  • Teachers and community organizers wanting to introduce Feminist and Queer Studies topics to younger audiences, such as middle schoolers and youth organizations.

  • Professors interested in using games as tools for discussing Feminist and Queer Studies topics within their current curriculum.

  • Activists and student organizers who want to learn more about the topics around which they are organizing.

  • Activists looking to organize innovative recruitment events.

  • Anyone interested in bringing Feminist and Queer Studies to broader audiences.

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