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Students often ask “What do we do with the information learned in this class? How do we talk about this stuff with people who aren’t in this class?” The Games Project offers students a chance to address these questions. It is a pedagogical approach through which students convert (or “translate”) complicated academic arguments and ideas into playable board games. In this new approach to project-based learning, students engage deeply with feminist and queer theory and develop the skills to communicate academic arguments beyond the classroom. Foundational to The Games Project is a belief that academic work, particularly within Feminist and Queer Studies, has great potential to inform activism, policy, and social justice.

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  • Translate complicated academic arguments into a board game format.

  • Foster deep engagement with feminist and queer theories through play.

  • Develop critical tools and frameworks for discussing contemporary social issues.

  • Encourage collaboration, dialogue, and problem solving through group work.

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