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 How can I successfully utilize game construction in my courses? 

The Games Project offers workshops and curricula to provide educators with innovative pedagogical approaches that integrate project-based learning with the ambitions of the public humanities. Working with Feminist and Queer Studies scholar Carly Thomsen, you will learn how to incorporate game-making into your courses, explore alternative forms of grading and evaluation, and develop strategies to engage your students in the process of translation. We understand that no two classrooms are alike; therefore, no two workshops are either. At The Games Project, we work with you to develop pedagogical approaches that best suit your specific needs and goals. 

For whom? 

  • Feminist and Queer Studies scholars interested in incorporating project-based learning into their classes.

  • Faculty in other disciplines looking to integrate feminist and queer topics into their curricula.

  • Professors looking for new and exciting ways to teach feminist and queer theory.

  • Educators motivated to include students in the project of the public humanities.

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