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Pregnant and Incarcerated

Pregnant and Incarcerated


In “Searching for the State: Who Governs Prisoners’ Reproductive Rights?,” Rachel Roth argues that the obscurity of “the state” and the prison system alike leads to unique reproductive injustices for the 10% of women who enter prison pregnant or become pregnant while there. These include being shackled while giving birth, being refused abortions, and having to jump through hoops to secure abortion funds.


In The Game of Life: Pregnant and Incarcerated, players confront the carceral state’s control of prisoners’ reproductive lives and the ensuing difficulties that prisoners face while attempting to obtain an abortion. As players work to secure an abortion, they draw “obstacle cards” which simulate setbacks (being moved unexpectedly to a prison in another state) or “benefit cards” which simulate supports (state funds that cover abortion costs for low-income women). But hurry--players must reach the finish line before it’s legally too late!

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