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Toilets and Tribulations

Toilets and Tribulations


In “Calling All Restroom Revolutionaries,” Simone Chess, Alison Kafer, Jessi Quizar, and Matt Richardson call for queer coalitional politics that attend to issues beyond sexuality. Using the group “People in Search of Safe and Accessible Restrooms” (PISSAR) as an example, they detail how activists came together to address the inaccessibility of the bathroom for both trans people and people with disabilities.


In Toilets and Tribulations, an adaption of Shoots and Ladders, players set out to locate an all-gender bathroom while navigating the sociopolitical and physical constraints that make a “men’s” or “women’s” bathroom inaccessible, uncomfortable, or unsafe. Players interact with the bathroom as both a public and political space as well as a potential site for coalition-building.

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